ShopStyle: ReDesign


ShopStyle is an aggregate product that allows users to search, sort, and filter items for women, men, kids, and home from across the entire internet. ShopStyle allows users to favorite items and set sale alerts which sends notifications the moment that item goes on sale. Favoriting items also improves recommendations and surfaces relevant products to users while they shop. 

In 2013, ShopStyle redesigned its UX and UI. Initially a horizontal scrolling site, the new ShopStyle had been redesigned to improve every facet of its search, filtering/sorting, and browsing experience. New features such as the ability to save to lists, favoriting items, and real-time filters helped to improve discovery and conversion.


App Icon, Logo Lockup

As technology continued to evolve at a rapid rate, the product and brand itself began to shift towards the momentum of the POPSUGAR brand. A more refined UI and cleaner styles and icons were created to scale the brand with the simple and sophisticated technology the audience demanded.

A new app icon was needed to create immediate recognition, legibility, and personality. The double S icon accomplished these goals in a streamlined and condensed form.


Through numerous iterations, prototypes, and A/B testing, the ideal product card was designed. An important point of contact for the user, the product cards house key features within the browsing experience including setting sale alerts, favoriting items, and creating lists. The cards needed to load fast and provide quick interactions with these features to create an uninterrupted experience.



Bringing the majority of e-commerce into a single destination is powerful, but it can be limiting without the proper tools to surface relevant items.

One approach was to translate a complex system of filtering and sorting into a simple and intuitive UI on both desktop and mobile. The result was a simple set of drawers that made finding the perfect item a minimum of 2 to 3 clicks.